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Italian-Spanish translation dictionary 6.0

It lets you translate words and phrases and conjugate verbs in an instant
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Italian and Spanish are often considered two of the most difficult languages to learn because of their nuances and subtleties. And although both languages are phonetically similar, they also have important differences. Thus, a program that can translate words and phrases to and from each of these languages would be very useful for students, translators and Italian- and Spanish-speaking people interested in reading and understand texts in the opposite language.

IdiomaX's Italian-Spanish Translation Dictionary is a very useful and comprehensive program that, unlike your typical dictionary, not only displays the meaning and translation of single words, but also includes many commonly used standard phrases in both languages, so now you can get the true meaning of a difficult phrase, which allows you to better understand the target language. Also, the program includes a very interesting feature that shows you the conjugation of many Spanish and italian verbs in all their persons and tenses, which can be very useful for accurately translating these tricky grammatical parts.

You can use the trial version without limitations during 30 days. After that time, you must purchase a license if you intend to keep using the product.

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